Seth’s Optimal Daily Experience

by Alexandra Carmichael

I’m a huge fan of Seth’s blog. If you’re curious about self-experimentation or just want to feed your brain provocative thoughts every day, definitely check it out!

This week he posted a brilliant list of his top 12 things that count as part of an optimal daily experience. You can read the whole post here, but here’s the short list.


Seth’s Optimal Daily Experience

1. Social interaction

2. Physical activity – walking with intermittent high-intensity sprints/weights

3. Travel – one hour per day

4. Hunger – a substantial amount each week

5. Seeing faces – one hour each morning

6. Morning sunlight – about an hour

7. Being listened to

8. Being helpful

9. Being recognized as having value

10. Being part of a group effort – something bigger than yourself

11. Learning

12. Foot stimulation


That’s Seth’s list. On mine I would add a good laugh each day, a long hug, and a meta layer of regularly re-evaluating my life goals and my optimal daily experience list.

What’s on your list?