Wanting Less

by Alexandra Carmichael

I realized something last night
deep in my mind a voice cracked through the inner storm

We suffer because we want

I want
fewer meetings, more lovers
the kids to stop fighting
work that is actually meaningful
less throbbing head and body pain
more sleep, less stress

I used to want a thinner body and more money too
but those two friends are poking their heads in less often now

What would it be like to not want things to be different?
Simple. If we didn’t want, we wouldn’t suffer

Let life be as it is

There are meetings, I have one lover
The kids fight
Work isn’t always meaningful
My body experiences pain
Insomnia happens, life includes stress
Body shapes are largely predetermined,
And a lot of money requires a lot of work but is not required to live

This is the way it is
Wanting it to be different only causes intense suffering

My intention today
is to step off the hedonic treadmill
and float in the less