Looking for a new project?

by Alexandra Carmichael

I have some bandwidth happily free at the moment, so I asked myself, “What else in addition to directing Quantified Self would I most love to do with my time and energy?”

Here’s the insight I came up with. I’ve been wondering why so few projects I hear about are focused on mood or mental health (or other assorted keywords like empathy, neurodiversity, recovery, emotion, compassion.)

Some people have told me that “mood is too hard,” or that you need special qualifications to go near mental health.

But I see a big gap that needs to be filled. I’ve been tracking my mood and mental health intensely for the past year, and written a bit about it:

Are You Neurotypical?
The Transformative Power of Sharing Mood
What I Learned From Tourette’s
The Value of a Diagnosis of Asperger’s

What I’m looking for now is to find someone brilliant, accepting, and emotionally literate who is doing a project in the mood/mental health space that I connect with, and offer to help them build it. I’m really good at growing seeds that others plant, so I’m keeping my eyes open for fledgling seed-planters that need some garden-nurturing help.

If this triggers an idea or connection for you, I’d love to hear it! Best wishes for all your new projects too, and please let me know if I can be helpful. Thanks for reading. 🙂