EcnaLab | Balance

Tag: freedom


Carry me, my flying feet
to worlds beyond beyond

Sculpt my untrained body
into a glowing golden goddess

Be my light, my source
my deep of strength
save me from the hypercycles and destructive desires

Outlet my static then knock me out
for blissful, necessary rest.

On a random whim
i began to
i ran and ran
until i knew nothing else
but that i run
and want to run
and need to run

Carry me, my flying feet
Away and Away
and when I’ve gone far enough,
bring me back



Freedom Poem #1: Lose Yourself

blue chewing oozes under crystallized intensity
misty rise to sicken independent grubs
i wander by with laserly meandering
only to find shredded hugs pooling true

hurry before the water comes
if you dare to take your freedom
containers never suited you anyway

sweet spark of a listening pearl
black swirls choking in rhythm
i drop glances in buckets of harsh
willing a permeating quiet

sometimes you have to lose your self to find yourself